I2I began as a vision of creating a benchmark in Offshoring services. Our initial service offerings primarily catered to software testing and later incorporated product engineering and technical helpdesk services. We began with a strong belief in our small town delivery model, instead of the metros, to create significant business and social impact.

Our existing ecosystem promotes flexibility, innovation and excellence in all our endeavors. Our clients benefit from our small town model to deliver high quality, cost-effective, market-ready products and services that surpass offerings from their competitors, as we keep growing to pioneer a new era of partnerships in Offshoring space.

Globally connected, Locally invested.

We are continuously evolving to deliver future-ready products and services to our clients worldwide. Technological innovations and services power our expertise in providing impeccable solutions through our small town business centers.

Dedication to Excellence

The pioneering vision of Offshoring 2.0 bonds our enthusiastic team together at I2I. Our collective effort enables us to bridge deadlines and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Our days are filled with excitement and coffee is an integral part of our meetings and brainstorming sessions!

Meet Our Leaders

Gireendra Kasmalkar

CEO and Founder

Suneel Aradhye


Adesh Gokhale

Chief Operating Officer

Sandeep Ingale

Director of Operations