Product/project functional Testing

"Functional testing is essential for any enterprise or business/technology domain as it ensures basic working and end to end business processes of the designed software system. I2I's functional testing approach is well structured and easily adaptable according to specific customer and business needs. Functional testing can be carried out both ways, i.e. manual as well as automated depending upon priority and technology needs. Proven end to end testing strategy across all phases of software life cycle ensures the quality and stability of the product/application. It covers all types of testing phases such as -

  • Unit Testing
  • Module level functional testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End to end System testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Test Automation

With the growing agility and complexity of businesses, features required in the software to support business platforms, products and applications needs continuous testing. Functional Testing, testing is aimed at ensuring product stability of new features implemented. The stability of existing functionality is a question and regression testing addresses the same. Manual regression is time consuming and to achieve desired coverage with given resources and time window is always a challenge. Automation is the only key answer to ensure the products are regressed in a timely manner. Our Automation services provide tool evaluation and assistance for tool selection, development of framework, development of scripts, execution of automation suite and maintenance of the suite. Framework development is key to reduce regression and maintenance efforts. Our Automation Differentiators

  • Framework driven automation
  • Experts with Commercial and Open Source tools
  • Covers varied nature of application covering UI, API, Web services, Mobile
  • Metrics based reports and ROI analysis

Performance and Security Testing

Performance Testing

Growing business demands robust solutions that scale up and down as per business needs. Under large customer base, the solutions have to perform and support business under various technical options of tuning, eliminating bottlenecks on system level, scaling up or down, cloud environments. Our Performance services provide all business services right from identifying tool, performance modelling, performance scripting, execution and analysis. We ensure the right goals of performance are identified with your business team that help technical team decide on go no do decision post performance testing. Our Performance Differentiators

  • Performance testing- Process driven execution model
  • Expertise with commercial and Open source tool
  • Covers varied type of performance tests as Load, Stress, Endurance, Volume
  • Enhanced Analysis and Reporting for better understanding
Security Testing

Security testing is a process intended to identify flaws in the security mechanisms of an information system that protect data, confidentiality and maintain functionality as intended in a Business environment. Below are the essential attributes which need to be taken care of during security testing –


Confirm something or someone is authentic


Person/Program is authorized to see the desired contents or make changes


Information and services are available to only intended users when requested

Mobile Testing

During recent times, building new mobile applications or extension is an essential business need to create digital experience. Information at convenience is the key aspect of it. Now a days building enterprise wide mobility is a priority for the technology teams. Mobile shift in every business domain is expected to re-engineer business processes. Enterprises are expected to ensure a high level of quality in order to maintain competitive advantage. I2I team's focus is to have proven test strategy for every mobile initiative. It could be native apps, browser based apps, hybrid apps or enterprise wide mobility - it is essential to test every combination including mobile devices, different simulators, networks, etc. Our objective is to give end to end mobile testing services to cover every aspect of it including mobile platforms, software, UI, Audio/Video, Communication, Data, functionality.

Data Management and Validations

It’s always important to have relevant data for every stable business platform. Testing a product/application with appropriate data combinations is essential. There is a constant demand to manage higher data volumes and maintain clean data in the system as per business requirements. It is imperative to identify data needs, creating data or migrating data in the system. End to end business processes should work with the help of identifying data and associated business rules. Testing the same through testing cycles is essential. I2I team can help enterprises manage data in various environments in order to maintain centralize test data and on demand fit-for-purpose data. Also, our expertise around data migration testing would help to map the data within source and target systems.

Manual Testing

  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End to End Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Test Automation

  • Microsoft VSTS
  • Selenium
  • Test Architect

Performance Testing

  • Jmeter
  • Micorsoft VSTS
  • Load Runner