Who we are

I2I began as a vision of creating a benchmark in Offshoring services. The combined experience of our team of experts is powering technological innovation and out-of-the-box solutions. Our clients benefit from our small town model to deliver high quality, cost-effective, market-ready products and services that surpass offerings from their competitors, as we keep growing to pioneer a new era of partnerships in the Offshoring space.

We are covering new grounds by shifting the focus away from the metros. Apart from boosting entrepreneurship, I2I is all set to go global with a sharp focus on engineering, implementation and data services for cutting-edge technology platforms and products.

Why us

Our Offshoring 2.0 business model is changing the offshoring landscape for better. All benefits gained from lower operating, infrastructure and resources costs are directly passed on to our customers. Our small town model leads to the creation of sustainable jobs that are generated by working with cutting-edge technology companies to develop cutting-edge products.

Ideas to Impacts is a rapidly-growing company with robust technical expertise and a ground breaking business model and we are proud to be the reason for a vast number of delighted, satisfied clients spread across the globe.


We are here with a mission to demonstrate that our unique Offshoring 2.0 and Small Town Business Model can empower us to deliver value-based, industry-standard products and services to our global clientele. Our success is evident by our accelerated growth and our zeal to establish hundreds of small town centres across the country.

Availability of exceptional talent, low tax rates, reduced cost of living, low-cost real estate and fewer regulations are factors that power our small town model. I2I is angel-investing, incubating, and providing support with services to ensure the success of its small-town model.

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