Mission : To demonstrate that our new offshoring 2.0 / small­town model is best to deliver specific services and products, by

  • Focusing on services that can be offered a better from small towns,
  • Establishing the practice with optimally skilled resources for the services,
  • Demonstrating to customers concrete metrics of the benefits of this new model

Vision is to make the small town model the industry standard for our chosen offerings by scaling to hundreds of small town centers across the country

Gireendra Kasmalkar


Suneel Aradhye


Sandeep Ingale

Director of Operations

Tanveer Patel

Product Engineering Head

Raosaheb Shinde

Testing & QA Head

Rohan Jadhav

Product Support & Helpdesk Head

Indian offshoring has become expensive and we firmly believe that Small town model is the next logical step in the off-shoring journey.

1) Cost and Social impacts are obvious. But, how can the delivery be better?

Correct identification of sweet spot services for the small town model Aspirational jobs for the right skills leads to better service Freeing over-qualified resources for jobs that can be moved to small towns increases overall efficiency

2) How are risks managed?

For global customers – the right pyramid of skills in metros and in small towns. Just as off-shore is actually an optimal mix of on-site and off-shore. Availability of Infrastructure and colleges is no more an issue with small towns

3) Can small town model promote start-ups?

Start-ups are a buzz today. But restricted to the metros, working on metro problems But there are non-urban challenges – Remoteness, Language, Relevant content, Inclusion. Start-ups needed to solve these as well

4) Can innovations, start-ups happen in small-town?

The one big prerequisite for innovation is needed. So the innovation that addresses problems of the non-urban India is more likely to happen in small-towns Start-ups do need ecosystems, which are currently lacking, but the big push today is towards creating the ecosystem (incubators etc.) for small towns. I2I is proud to be part of this movement.

We have established first small town centre at Rajgurunagar which is just 50 km away from Pune city. The centre is equipped with facilities like 24 hours power, excellent net connectivity, Biometric access, CCTV cameras, Desktop systems and Laptops ,EPBX system etc.