We are Investor Partner in following Startups:

  • Document Management Solution (DMS) which aims to bridge the Digital and Physical warehouse.
  • They have set up secure, reliable near shore warehouses to store paper records, digital media and other business-critical information documents.
  • Android App to send Meet requests to anyone in your phone book.
  • App helps user by sending reminders of meet, chat messages and enabling finding out locations of each member.
  • • Internet Service provider which operates from first small town centre providing cost effective high bandwidth internet access to near shore small town users.
  • FlytOS is a framework for building high-level drone applications. It is based on Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System) making it an ideal platform for research and commercial drone applications
  • The vision of FlytOS is to provide a standardised and scalable platform that is drone agnostic, has a solid foundation and simplifies development of commercial drone applications.